WhatsApp Image 2018-07-19 at 3.40.40 PMHello reader! My name is Davy Dombrowsky and I will be your pilot on this journey. A little about me: BS”D I was born in Long Island, NY in 1980. My parents raised me as a Modern Orthodox Jew and I went to Yeshiva all my life. After getting married, having some kids and moving to Israel, I found myself falling asleep spiritually and becoming increasingly cynical.

In 2016 in an effort to ‘get away’ I oddly decided to go to to Uman for Rosh Hashana. My life will never be the same! While saying the psalms of the Tikun Haklali for the first time in the over-crowded gravesite I felt a unearthly desire to come back to Hashem. I also felt as if this TzaddikRebbe Nachman had been waiting for my visit. I left the gravesite crying uncontrollably and in a daze…I spent the rest of Rosh Hashana wondering what is it about Breslov that draws so many people to Uman? Why is everyone so happy? I made a commitment right then that I would learn the teachings of Rebbe Nachman and find out what’s so unique about them that brings all these people together in love and harmony.

When I got back to Israel I started learning the writings and it wasn’t long before I fell in love with them. My breadth of Chassidic writings isn’t great, but the originality, practicality, simplicity and depth of Rebbe Nachman‘s teachings are like nothing I ever learned before.

I am starting this blog in an effort to bring those teachings to you, the English reader, in simple terms with my own personal spin. The thoughts written in אהלל דבר are mostly my own and are in no way the only truth or even true at all. It’s just how I relate to the teachings personally on this one day. I hope to keep changing and improving all the time, which may leave room for adjustments. Enjoy the ride!