“And so based on these words the wise one will understand that it’s absurd to despair, like the Rebbe said many times. And from all the falls, we can get up. And everything is within the power of the true Tzaddik who can pray the judgement prayer, because he’s the master of strength. And this prayer gets stuck in the throat of the other side. And through it, the other side vomits up all the holiness that it swallowed…But one can ask, doesn’t the Mishna teach that “one sin leads to another”? And the more we sin, the more we’re stuck in the claws of the evil one? If so, then how’s it possible to ever win over the evil side and come back to God? The answer is according to this very lesson. Because really every jew has a precious soul that is a master of strength to stand up to his evil inclination and its armies. Because if it wasn’t so, then Hashem wouldn’t have given him this evil side. Because the Talmud teaches that Hashem isn’t tyrannical with his people. And like Rebbe Nachman writes (Torah 46)  there’s nobody that has obstacles that he can’t overcome. Like it says by Cain “[The evil side] longs to overcome you but you can rule it!”. Like Rashi says there, “If you want, you can overcome it”. So therefore we need to know and believe that certainly every single Jew, even the lowest of the low, is a great master of strength against his evil side”.